botanicals and still life

Turquoise Botanical With Pansies and Gems


Coleus and Japanese Teacups

Dr. Jane Hofer Collection...

Still Life, Sold

Spring Hyacinth and Delphinium | close detail


Spring Hyacinth and Delphinium Triptych | exhibition


These works are a bit of a retrospective. The majority of the originals have homes all over the globe. It never hurts to inquire, as most may be purchased as a professionally mastered digital giclée print on a variety of surfaces, including aluminum for garden installations.


Bird Collection by Diana Zoe Coop | Ode To Bridgerton: Blue Bird of Happiness | Detail | Detail B

Birds, New Work

Birds are a constant presence in Coop’s mountaintop studio.The forested backdrop to her lush garden is filled with the melodic chatter of songbirds. The cheeky bluejays have so fully embraced this magical garden that they help themselves to the ubiquitous peanuts inside and outside her home. 

These original artworks are available for purchase, and are also available as professional giclée prints on canvas.

japanese garden

These paintings form a collection of work shown in the first exhibit of Japanese Garden paintings, Haiku in a Japanese Garden, Amelia Douglas Gallery, BC.  After the dissolution of my marriage, I took solace in painting this garden, and documenting, in photographs, one year of changes, through the seasons. The photographs formed the diary from which I created the art. The making of the art, and the completion of such a large, extensive project, was important for me at a time of emotional chaos and unrest in my life.

Looking back, I realize how significant this era was in my future understanding as an artist. The Teahouse was a grounding feature, not only in the garden, but my life.

These original artworks are not available for purchase, but can be produced in custom sizes and substrates using professional giclée printing.


Spring Sunset

View of Mount Fromme, Grouse Mountain, Crown Mountain, Mount Burwell, Mount Seymour, Lynn Peaks...

Landscapes, Sold

The landscapes scan many years of outdoor exploration as I have travelled, or from my memory. Many of these paintings are owned by collectors. Please inquire as to availability, or to purchase a professional giclée print on canvas, paper, plexi, or a substrate. Some of these paintings were custom works which echoed a place which may hold a special significance for a client.

costume design

Cindy White and Blue costume 2016


Fuschia Rhythmic Gymnast Costume


White Bodysuit with Crystals | Contortionist

Daina Wilie Dynamic Aerial...


Costume Drawings | in the studio


Purple Hand Painted Skating Costume

Hand-painted fabric, Swarovski Crystals on Lycra, mesh, net, chiffon...


Purple Hand Painted Skating Costume | Back Detail


Hand Painted Skating Dress | Ana Bin Blue


Custom Skating Dress | Poppies

Custom printed image of Poppies painting on power mesh, nets, Swarovski Crystals, handpainted...


Purple Hand Painted Skating Dress With Crystals | Back

Hand-painted fabric, Swarovski Crystals on Lycra, mesh, net, chiffon...


Custom Skating Dress | Poppies | Ana Bin


Custom Skating Dress | Poppies | Side View


Diana Zoe Coop’s costume designs for dance, gymnastics, syncro, aerial, and skating have been featured in contemporary productions, and worn by Canadian athletes at World Championships, World Cups, Grand Prix, the Olympic and Special Olympic Games. Her company, “ZoeyCouture,” the costume design division of her creative work, may be seen at zoeycouture.com.


Artist Diana Zoe Coop beside an 8-foot tall artist's palette with floral bouquets in rainbow colours representing paint on a giant wooden palette. Taken at Van Dusen Gardens Vancouver BC Canada
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